Construction Management – You already have a job to do or a business to run.  Let us manage your construction project and save you time and money.  We’ll track costs and schedules, hold meetings with the design and construction team, answer questions, and make sure that you get no surprises.

Development and Planning – We can help you find a site, do feasibility studies, and take your project through the planning and zoning process.  Our expertise will leave you with no surprises down the road.

Estimating – From as little as sketches on a napkin to complete plans a specs, our experienced estimating staff can give you accurate projections of cost that allow you to make the important decisions about your project.

Scheduling – Time is Money.  This is very true in construction.  Our schedules will outline all the important deadlines, decisions and activities that must take place in order for you to move into your building on time.

Design and Construction – Our years of experience allow us to help you find the best design team and contractors.  We look out for your interests.  We’ll make sure that the design meets your needs and your budget. 

Value Engineering and Payback Analysis – Often times the option with the lowest first cost ends up cost more in the long run.  We can help provide you with options and analysis that will allow you to make informed decisions and maximize the return on your investment.

Programming and Space Planning - You may not be ready to hire and Architect yet, but ICS can help you determine how much space you need, some concept layouts, etc, that will help you establish a realistic feasibility study and budget for your project.

ICS Key staff averages over 30 years of construction experience.  We bring that experience to our client's projects everyday.  We use the latest in computer technologies combined with the ability to be flexible to meet the needs of any given client or project.


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